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Born in Estonia to the family where both parents were school teachers. My mother taught literature and my father chemistry. Attended art school in Saint-Petersburg and finished it with diploma of an Interior Designer. Worked as a designer for state owned Enterprises and performed contractual work for different publishers and newspapers. From 1993 to 1999 taught art at specialized Art Schools .
BATIK (painting on canvas) came to my life in 2000. Its nature and distinctive painting technique are very close to my personality and spirit. BATIK is “a wonderfully creative medium” and for me it is always like an experiment or a trip with revelation at the end. It is my way of life. My paintings are symbolic. They show reflections of my dreams, experience and emotions through color and images of primal nature. Behind trees and stones I see real people with their feelings. The tree is a symbol of energy. It connects three levels of nature the Underworld, the Earth’s surface, and the Heavens. It resembles human life cycle: Birth, Life and Death. Human and Nature are interdependent and I see it as an essence of my art.